Good Day Coffee

Good Day Coffee

Good Day Coffee

Welcome to the cheaper way to get your flavored coffee fix at home! Available flavors: Vanilla Latte Mocaccino Carrebian Nut Chococcino The Original Coolin Coffee White Frape

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  1. this coffee is our new - a month - on our to buy list :) so cheap at price , but too good on taste .. we love vanilla latte - chilled .. carebian nut at night and chococinno for my kids :)

  2. mura na masarap pa.. swabe paborito ko chococino .. masarap, im not a coffee lover pero this di ko tatanggihan

  3. wow,mukhang masarap,bago ko palang tu nakita na product at wala sa mga groceries store,hope na ma try q ito lalo na at coffee lover po aq .

  4. Im not a coffee person but this product made me crave. The packaging is great. Hope to have a free sample so I can make a better reviews.

  5. Masarap sia. Very affordable. Tpos maraming variant na pagpipilian. Very accessible ung product sa mga store.

  6. I’m not a coffee person. But this made me crave. Chococinno and Carrebian are the best! I love these two!

  7. coffee lover talaga ako and this one is sobrang masarap pag natikman mo magiging good day talaga ang. araw mo!

  8. Hindi ko pa na try 2 at now ko Lang nakita.. but for the some reviews mukha masarap.. hope to have one

  9. di ako mahilig sa coffee but i want to tryyyyy this oneee

  10. Not dat coffee lover but dis one is nice,.pde pmplit sa mga branded coffee,,maiba nmn sa the taste sakto lng sa panlasa..must try!!!..

  11. I love flavored coffee, and this one is really good.

  12. I'm certified Coffee love! I can't go a Day with Coffee. Hoping to try this product Soon.

  13. Hindi ko pa to na try sana maka sample kayo kasi coffe lover talaga ako

  14. I like the flavors! It gets me so addicted. Yummy and flavorful

  15. I am eager to test this product. Hope to have a sample so i can have more reviews to make.

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