Good Day Coffee

Good Day Coffee

Good Day Coffee

Welcome to the cheaper way to get your flavored coffee fix at home! Available flavors: Vanilla Latte Mocaccino Carrebian Nut Chococcino The Original Coolin Coffee White Frape

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  1. An awesome way to start an amazing day is through a cup of coffee. Blend is just right for a coffee addict

  2. I am a big coffee drinker and the Good Day Vanilla Latte is one of my favorites. Smells really good, so smooth and super creamy. It's my cup of afternoon coffee. Great with turon!

  3. Sana po matry ko po ang product na to!, Mahilig po kc ako sa coffee..hoping to receive this from you thalera..

  4. i always try this coffee you can different flavor that creamy and tasty and sweet.

  5. Looking forward to try this products And give reviews about this product

  6. havent tried this coffee yet,hoping to receive some samples,i will share some to my coffee addict mom😊😊

  7. I'm looking forward to have a samples of this products :)

  8. I tried it when i was working as a call center agent, but later on i resigned but im still obsessed the Good day taste especially chococinno.

  9. kaka try ko lang kaninang umaga nito, masarap pala sya eh,lalo na yung chococinno,

  10. Havent try this but i want to. To taste its creaminess

  11. I tried the vanilla latte its not to sweet tama lang ung lasa at super affordable to buy! Sulit sia...

  12. Hindi masyadong matamis kaya suprr sarap. Im a coffee person kaya super important ng iniinom ko hahaha

  13. I want to try this coffe if it is good i want to sample of this also

  14. hndi sya msyado strong, msarap sya..nkaka hyper...

  15. I havent tried this coffee..hope to receive this for my review...thanks in advance.

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