Tisyu Coreless Twin

Tisyu Coreless Twin

Tisyu Coreless Twin

The first locally produced microembossed coreless tissue. Super handy and is a perfect travel buddy!

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  1. I love this tissue its so very soft then i comes with the price it will be affordable

  2. I love using this tissue. hindi ako nawawalan ng stock. Perfect para sa lahat.

  3. The Coreless Tisyu is one of my travel staples in my bag. Why? 1. Easy to pack. 2. Good quality 3. Soft 4. Affordable and 5. It's a local brand. I personally supports local brands.

  4. I always buy this tisyu not just because it is affordable but also convenient and it last me 2 weeks. It is practical for those who wants to save and for all your hygiene need

  5. Very affordable and handy. By two kaya hindi sobrang nipis. Para sa lahat, pangsipon, pangtuyo ng kamay, pangpunas ng mukha at private part or kahit anong pwede paggamitan.

  6. This tissue is very affordable and handy. Even if it is cheaper compared to the other brands, the quality is not sacrificed. Very economical

  7. i love using this tissue easy to carry anywhere you go.

  8. Tissue, ito lagi gamit ko kahit saan.. Sana makatanggap pa salamat

  9. I love this tissue super affordable and it does not hurt your butt 😁..

  10. i love this product,environment friendly and cheap but durable,hope to get some samples too para matry din ng sisters ko😊😊😊

  11. Looking forward to try this tissue, Sana maka receive ako soon.

  12. Gusto ko tong tissue na to malabot na mura pa kya love it

  13. Love this tissue cheaper but worth it. Maganda cia

  14. this is my favorite tissue, bukod sa malambot doble pa sya, mura na malambot pa, marami pa san ka pa! ,eto lagi ko binibili lalo na pag lalabas kami

  15. Tried this once..very smooth ang texture ndi mahapdi pag pinahid s mukha and super white...

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