Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Our platform is a consumer-centric and one of its kind website which rapidly grows a community of consumers who subscribe to our Thalera Box on a monthly basis and receive FREE products or coupons from different Brand Partners like you who wish to promote, sample and have their products reviewed by a target audience. We don’t just send your products to random people but specific group of consumers who matches the profile of individuals you prefer based on age group, demographics, area, interests and even buying habits.

We therefore offer a marketing service that is effective, cost-efficient and responsive to help you reach your target market conveniently and directly without the trouble of outsourcing merchandising agencies and spend so much money on ineffective collaterals that may not really get you the feedback you want.

With , our subscribers are required to review, comment, answer survey sheets from our brand partners or even send short video clips of useful comments and their experience about a product. This is so because by actively doing reviews and feedbacks they will not only be assured that they will keep on receiving free items but also earn and accumulate points which they can convert into more great products.

Thalera offers you the best marketing service to reach as many target consumers and have them try your products and ultimately become your advocate consumer.

To know more about how we can assist you better by partnering with us, contact us at or call +63 945 396 9561

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to partnering with you on our next subscription box.

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